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vitosol solar heating panelsSolar heating panels for your home.

Solar hot water is smart and cost effective technology

Hot water demands the second largest amount of energy in our homes, after space heating, and it represents about 30 per cent of total energy use in our homes. A solar water heater can supplement up to 60 per cent of the water heating energy needs for a typical family of four. This comes from the fact in Canada, there is enough solar energy to generate an average of 2500 kWh of energy per year!

Domestic solar hot water systems are designed to last 20 to 40 years, minimize environmental impacts, and promote community economic development through the building of a sustainable industry economy. So you'll be contributing to a healthier environment, and making a difference!



Why Solar?

The sun is a clean, renewable, energy resource. Increased use of solar energy builds energy security, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and moves us toward a sustainable energy future.

Solar hot water contributes towards energy efficiency in B.C. while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Systems have enormous potential to be a standard part of homes and businesses across BC, just as in other countries around the world. For example, Germany installed 140,000 solar hot water systems, and 100,000 PV systems, in 2006. California has set a goal of a Million Solar Roofs by 2017.

Solar energy is a great way to "go green" and it's an abundant energy resource that can be used to help provide many of your energy needs. Solar thermal energy can be used to heat water using Solar Hot Water Systems. Energy from the sun can also be harnessed to generate electricity using Solar Photovoltaic panels and for space heating with the help of Solar Air, Passive Solar building design and other technologies such as geothermal and air source heat pumps.

Systems can help reduce peak loads, thereby postponing or preventing the need for additional baseload energy generation and distribution infrastructure, such as new hydroelectric dams, coal-fired power generation stations, and underwater electrical cables.

solar heating panels



Over its lifetime, a solar hot water system easily pays for itself and further provides proofing against a trend of rising energy costs. According to the British Columbia Utility Commission, natural gas prices have increased an average of 12% per year since 1998. With gas prices on the rise, using a solar hot water system will save you even more in the future.

Solar water heating systems fit well in the built environment and add little to our ecological footprint. Collectors are usually installed on rooftops, occupying otherwise unused space. Most equipment is made of locally available and recyclable materials: glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, wood, and steel. The full lifecycle impact is small, considering the 20+ years of service that a solar hot water system will give, producing zero-emission energy.


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